Music has been a true companion for a man in the times of distress and various other emotions that can make a feel very low or down, it has been a language that could be understood by anybody even an illiterate person will begin to cry when the tune is on a melancholic scale or note.

There are various reasons for this sometimes it can be because of the inspirational message that is given by the lyrics to the listeners , sometimes it can be the powerful progression of the chord of the entire song , sometimes it can also be because of the power of on single instrument that plays a really inspirational or a powerful note progression or sometimes it could just be the  combination of the instruments that is used in the song

Here are the top reason why music inspires us

  It makes us want to dance:

After a frustrating day outside at the office or a place of business most of the people will love to have a place where they  can vent out their stress , when they listen to an aggressive or a peaceful or a very catchy music they tend to start dancing, as it is a mental progression that usually follows when we hear a beat,  though we may not have the moves we sure will be expressing ourselves and through a random movement that comes to us at the movement .

It tickles our emotional strings and gives us hope :

When a score is played out or a song is heard , as we are listening to it we find ourselves strangely getting connected to it and singing along with and we fell that the song is able to understand us and some the lyrics can have a very profound effect on us that we literally start to cry as soon as we hear the artist sing the song and it creates within us a deeper sense of hope and makes us believe this is still hope for our life .


It pulls us into a world of its own.

It also has the unique ability to take us to a place that is not possible for us to go , a place which helps us find a relief and hope after have gotten through a weary day and makes us to rest and relax and find peace, hope, comfort, joy all of which cannot be found very easily in the world outside. Thus it serves as an antistatic through which they can escape to another world.

Spiritual enlightenment

Music started at first for the purpose of people finding hope and comfort through religious music, and then it slowly came out of the religious places through ministerial outside for the people to listen and find their hope. Then this music start to be made more and more pleasing for the people to enjoy and listen to it this is how the ministry came out and was made accessible to all thus they still hold a measure of spiritual enlightenment in them.